Connect the right lead that converts...

Fliar's Lead Connect employs an advanced search algorithm, ensuring that you find the right leads swiftly and with precision. Lead Connect encompasses over 750 million profiles, complete with real phone numbers, emails, and social media profiles, enabling you to reach out in the most convenient manner.

Multi Export to CSV

Select multiple contacts and export them into csv, access them again into your dashboard forever

Shortlist the loved

Keep adding loved contacts to your shortlist list, review them again whenever you want.

Prepare Multi Projects

Keep your settings and filters saparate and saved with Lead Connect allowing you to prepare multiple reports.

Over a 1 Billion Reach
Covering one third of the internet

Harness the power of Lead Connect to revolutionize your business growth. Our platform provides access to over 1B+ detailed leads profiles enhanced by AI & Analytics. With Lead Connect, you can streamline your lead generation process, connect with the right professionals and influencers, and drive your business growth with precision and confidence.


Gain access to over 750 million professional profiles, including detailed information on their experiences, education, certifications, job summaries, and AI-driven analysis.


Leverage data from more than 200 million Twitter and Instagram influencers, complete with follower statistics and contact information.


Discover in-depth information on 10 million companies and their leadership teams, covering a global marketplace..


Utilize data from over 400 million individuals worldwide, enriched with comprehensive demographic & contact information.

more than just a data...
Lead Connects offers far more than just a email & phone no

Lead Connect is your ultimate tool for in-depth, actionable business insights and connections.

Lead Connect transcends basic contact databases, equipping you with the comprehensive tools and insights needed to foster valuable business relationships and make strategic decisions. Dive deeper, connect smarter, and achieve more with Fliar's Lead Connect.

pricing you'll love...

with lead connect "Pay as you Go" pricing model

Fliar introduces Lead Connect with a unique pay-as-you-go pricing model, setting a new benchmark in the industry. Unlike our competitors, we offer this flexible pricing feature, eliminating the need for heavy upfront commitments. With Lead Connect, you can access the services you need without paying hundreds of dollars for minimal usage. Just a few dollars will suffice! Check out our pricing below:


Cost: $0.01 USD per contact
Details: Gain access to all emails associated with any contact.

Phone No

Cost: $0.05 USD per contact
Details: Gain access to all phone numbers associated with any contact.

Reports and Filters*

Cost: $0.005 USD per report
Details: Each time you render a report or use a filter, you can explore various insights and exclusive features.

*Note: The report cost also serves as a browsing fee each time you access the software. This nominal charge helps prevent data abuse and protects the privacy of individuals.

No Commitment . Predictable Pricing

Select Access of Emails

Select Access of Phone No

Still not conviced?

If still doubts or questions left in your mind, why not request us a call back? We can discuss a special corporate plan also!

Rest Assured

You can start for free where lead connect allows you to access 20 emails & phone no with 100 reports access. We don't require any credit card.

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