Entrepreneurship brings you to life!

Fliar has covered you thoroughout your entrepreneurial journey, from giving your ideas to life, laying down strong foundation, scaleup & beyond.
Fliar has been an invaluable partner throughout every step of your entrepreneurial journey. From the initial conception of your ideas, to the meticulous planning and execution of your business's foundational elements, and through the exhilarating stage of scaling up and beyond

that's all being covered by Fliar's next generation cutting edge business intelligence technology that renders the power of whole lot more at your finger tips, enabling supreme control & advancement to your business and keeping you free just to think the next!

Good enough is dead, make your processes reaching perfection with the combinatarial tech of the following Fliar's products!


market.ai is a next generation market research tool powered by Generative AI, NLP, Machine Learning & Re-enforcement learning, that let's you analyse the market from every single dimension. It's relentless running robotic systems keeps scanning the internet and monitors every single business entry, market & industrial movements which enables market.ai to produce real time insights, projections, figurative trends, decision making assistance and lot more...

albha BI

Alpha BI is a Business management + Business Intelligence system which uses Artificial Intelligence at its every core making companies smarter than ever before. It brings centralize control upon every touch point of business, be it your mobile app, website, social handles, digital marketing and many more along with pre-packed cloud megashift features which takes your most of business operations on the cloud just in few seconds.

With a combinatory pack of both these technology, get ready for suprises!

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What we want to achieve?

Globalization has had a detrimental impact on small and medium-scale local businesses, which are struggling to withstand the competition against global high-tech autonomous entities. In order to support new entrants and smaller players, Fliar aims to make cutting-edge technology accessible to all, allowing them to compete effectively on a large scale without the need to hire expensive high-tech engineers or make heavy investments in technology.

Fliar is more particularly committed to supporting India's rapid industrialization by reducing the number of companies that are forced to shut down and smoothing the entrepreneurial journey. This will be achieved by providing access to world-class technology, pooling local and global resources, AI assistance at every step, and making real-time insights available at their fingertips.

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We're delhi based business intelligence company, dedicated to make world class business intelligence products that will help you make your business efficient, productive & scalable.

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