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At Fliar, we are on a mission to empower small and medium-scale local businesses to compete with global high-tech autonomous entities. Our cutting-edge technology is accessible to all, which means you don't need to be a tech guru or have deep pockets to succeed.

Our focus is particularly on India's rapid industrialization, and we are committed to reducing the number of companies that are forced to shut down. By pooling local and global resources, offering AI assistance at every step, and providing real-time insights at your fingertips, we are smoothing the entrepreneurial journey.

We offer two revolutionary products that are set to change the game for businesses everywhere.

Market.ai is a next-generation market research tool that lets you analyze the market from every single dimension. Powered by Generative AI, NLP, Machine Learning & Re-enforcement learning, it relentlessly scans the internet and monitors every single business entry, market & industrial movement, enabling you to produce real-time insights, projections, figurative trends, and decision-making assistance.

Alpha BI is a Business Management + Business Intelligence system that uses Artificial Intelligence at its core to make companies smarter than ever before. With centralized control over every touchpoint of your business, including your mobile app, website, social handles, digital marketing, and more, Alpha BI takes your most essential business operations to the cloud in just a few seconds.

At Fliar, we believe that every business deserves a fair shot at success, regardless of their size or location. That's why we're bringing a revolutionary shift to the world of business and entrepreneurship. Join us on this exciting journey and let's empower your business to reach new heights!

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We're delhi based business intelligence company, dedicated to make world class business intelligence products that will help you make your business efficient, productive & scalable.

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