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Artifical Intelligence &
Machine Learning

Fliar BI is constantly seeking opportunities to make customers business smarter and intelligent, with our new catalogue of AL & ML, we are offering more robust & advanced services to SMEs & startups with the subsidize price tag. Fliar SMEs softwares is also now powered with AI & ML to introduce more automated self control and scaliblity into your business.

With Fliar Scaleup Combinators, Reality for you will something that your competitors only can imagine!

Fliar BI only narrowed its focus to only three terms - Innovate, Automate and Scale. And we think if these three terms comes together, the competition is just wiped out. We promise nobody can match your quality, standardization and speed!

Drive Business with Supersonic Speed, from Now to Decades Ahead!

Apply the real spirit of Analytics, Intelligence, & Automation - Autopilot Combinators

Fliar Autopilot combinators are the package of advanced technologies like Business Intelligence Tools, Big Data & Analytics, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Models, and Automation which implemenented to your business after conducting an audit. This does changes all the aspect of your business and shift your business on autopilot. After applying the Fliar BI scaleup combinators you'll find the following the significant changes to your business.

Ultimate Product Quality

With deep data analytics the most import consequences you draw is the perfection in your product quality and exact fit to the problem. Our algorithm will give you most insightful data about the audience behaviour toward your product. .

30 Min Maintenance

Businesses has hundreds of aspects to be overlooked, monitored and resported daily which eats up the all of your and your managers time. With our Artifical Intelligence and Machine Learning Algorithm will be capable to take charge these aspects. .

Automate Repetative Tasks

However most of the common business processes are already automated with our Fliar BI software, upon audit of your business we figure out all the process which can be automated and are served upon implementation.

Zoom in Everything

Big Data is game changer be it any aspect of business allows you to lookup most important insights about your customers likes and dislikes, employees performance, market adoption curve, or even what should be your next step.

Management Automation

Powered with AI & ML Fliar BI can track employees worktime, their productivity, automatically assign tasks daily, order them and prevent them from doing specific task, virtually communicate to customers and much more. What else? you just think the next! .

Exponantial ROI

Gauranteed, it may take some time by our machine learning models to understand your business process after 3-4 months, prepare to see massive changes.

Artificial Intelligence

Explore the AI services by Fliar BI that is rendered in various locations across the world. AI helps your business to drive actionable decisions from the data. AI is used to augment the management, marketing and product as well.

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Big Data

When we implement Big Data to your company, we use to collect lot of data from various channels and process that with deep algorithm to drive the meaningful information that help you adopt such changes which are needed to meet customers, marketing and scaleup requirement. .

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Blockchain is a emerging technology while its potential is growing day by day currently extremly helpul to financial sectors. However, its applications are expanding to new fields as well. Figure out where blockchain can be applied to your business and beat the competition that your competitors could never have imagined!

Explore Blockchain

Machine Learning

Think about Amazon, YouTube, Netflix, Udemy, Facebook and many international organization.. Machine Learning is a vital ingerdient that amplify their sales and make customers stick to them. Machine Learning is something that figure out the pattern, user choices, market curve and help customers and management to align up at met point.

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Robotic Process Automation

It does involves with hardware and software programming to automate a specific task or process of your business. Robotic Process Automation significantly improves the efficiency, productivity and quality of your business as well as it reduces the operating cost of the process.

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Virtual Reality

With Virtual Reality you completely transform the product experience with your audience. VR utmost applicable to vertual assents like ecommercial platforms or virtual sales through mobiles phones or websites, but it can be applicable other various touch points too. Lets figure out! .

Explore Virtual Reality

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence brings all of your business processes, projects progress, various analytics and projections brings to one screens. Which gives you a great overlook to your business and provide better control over it. The best thing about Business Intelligence it makes business digitally controlled, agile and active, productive and highky efficient.

Explore Business Intelligence

Natural Language Process

NLP is a technology to interact vertually with your clients or audience, many of the international companies investing heavily to undestant natural language of human and be it understood by their product to give an amazing product experience, think about you can control your smart TV, smart car, mobile with your voice. Small organisation using this technology is chatbots.

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Fliar Business Intelligence

Meet Our Services for Startups & SMEs

Fliar BI offers array of services as a elemenetry and combinators form especially for small and medium sized business. Which means your be served small services like logo designig, website designing or app development as well as collections of small services like Cloud Megashift which an umbrella term for array of services, web application development, shifting business operations online, api development, mobile app etc. Some of most common Fliar Business Services are as follow:-

Web Development

Fliar offers Web Development Services for all naturals and any scale of businesses, from small a 10 pages dynamic website to complex cloud architecting. We remain with you from during the journey from physically operating business to scaling up to digitally smart enterprise.

Web Development

Software Development

However Fliar has predeveloped solutions for most of business, In case you need specific development of a software for any business process - we can develop it for you be it offline windows based, cloud based, linux or macos based.

Software Development

Mobile App

Having a mobile app for any business is now a day vital asset for any growing business. And if you need to we can develop an Android App, IOS (Iphone) App or hybrid app that can run on both platform. That too we will publish on App stores for you.

Mobile App Development

Management Software

We have advanced Management Software solutions for all industries powered with Artifical Intelligence and Data Analytics features which gives you a better overlook of your business and helps you decide further actions and ultimately drives business to growth path.

Management Software


Setting up something new with your business or just starting it out. Having get consulted with an subject matter expert is always a great choice which can save your time, money and most essentially the errors you could have made. We specialized in Software Consulting, Tech Consulting and Business Consulting. .


Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is hot avenue of replicating the ROI from your marketing compaigns expenses and drive quality customers to your digital assets like websites and app as well as automated the process or marketing and you could more time to focus what matters the most.

Digital Marketing